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New Hair Thanks to COVID-19

So… I’ve been a mostly-teleworker/extreme work traveler for the better part of 6+ years. This whole mandatory telework as part of COVID however, is a completely new journey for me.

So… What do you do when you’re trapped at home for (at the time) 52-days straight and your only human interaction is basically 8 hours of telecons all day every day and casting angry looks of folks in the grocery store because they can’t follow the newly constructed arrows on the floor to direct traffic and enforce 6-feet of separation?

Easy. You reach out to your very good hair stylist friend and hatch a scheme to execute a rather speakeasy-esque haircut… AND MORE!

Wreckless Weather, Terrible Traffic, and Douchy Drivers

свети илияиконивик услугипочистванематрациSo, I certainly had an eventful ride home Sunday between the weather, traffic and bad drivers!  Regular readers might confuse this post as an “Angry Steph” post due to all of the foul language to follow.  I assure you, it isn’t, but it is going to be FULL of foul language!

As I blog more, I’m noticing two things.  The first is that it is becoming easier.  The second is that the sooner I post about the events I am thinking about, the better the posts are.  I really wish I had the energy to post about Sunday on Sunday night after I got home from Chelsea’s going away party, but after a total of almost 9 hours on the road, I just didn’t have anything left.

Yesterday I was fired up about writing this post.  I had an eventful Sunday.  I just have to explain something first.  After the drive home from Philly, I stopped off in Seekonk quickly before heading up to Plymouth to wish Chelsea all the best.  There were so many things running through my head, I just HAD to start writing.  How am I to write when I have yet another hour drive ahead of me you ask?  I used the voice recorder of the blackberry and did a quick “talking points” stream of consciousness.  There was so much that happened on the 5 hour ride home, I hope I don’t miss anything!

Let me start off by saying that the drive DOWN to Philly Friday night was relatively uneventful.  We didn’t hit too much traffic, so that was good.  We left late and only hit a little bit of construction traffic in Connecticut, and then some in NYC on the Cross Bronx.  I’ll deal with you later, Connecticut.

I had a great weekend.  It felt natural.  Fan-Fitz-erific.  Enough said on that.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to comment, and I’ll answer them.  I just don’t want to stray from the true meaning of the post.

So without further bloviating, this blog post is not so kindly brought to you by horrible weather, the rain, rain dancing Native Americans, bad drivers, “Nervous Breakers”, “Lane Weavers”, Nervous Drivers, Clueless State Police Officers, and last, but CERTAINLY not least…  The not-so-great-state of Connecticut.

My day started early, around 6:30 *wink*.  On the road, and got some much needed and delicious breakfast.  By the time I was actually on the way home it was closer to 10:30a and the skies had just grown ominous.  I pulled out my blackberry, and opened up a weather report, complete with satellite image.  No Problem!  I should be about an hour ahead of any actual rain for the whole ride home.  Mistake number one!

I don’t know if I made a miscalculation or what, but boy was I wrong.  By the time I was on the highway it was miserable out.  Torrential down-pouring, and visibility next to nothing.  What is it about bad weather that brings all the assholes out onto the road?  I drive a manual shift car.  I like my car and I love to drive.  On long trips, I do use the cruise control however, as sometimes I just want to relax a bit.  It is a 5 hour drive after all.  So as I started this trek, I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to suck it up and actually *drive* the whole way.  Visibility was bad and every bad driver in the tri-state area decided to go for a Sunday drive.

Anyone who has been in a car with me knows that I do have a touch of road rage.  They also know that for the most part, I say the things I say about the other drivers mostly to be funny, or strike up a conversation with the passengers in my car.  There are some things however, that really infuriate me, and its because they are common sense things.  I think I’m just going to list them…  Oh, and if you are responsible for more than 1 of the below things…  Horrible things to you and your family…  and your family’s family…

it’s friday night… oh yes its…

… Friday night and I don’t feel like doing much!

Work has been crazy lately.  I’ll be able to blog more openly about it very shortly, and there is TONS to tell, so stay tuned.  As for tonight – I’m tired and mildly stressed tonight, so when I got home I ordered pizza from Papa John’s and turned on G4 TV because…  Well…  They play COPS all the time, and I like me some COPS.  I’ve always said that if you want to feel better about yourself and about your life, watch ONE episode of COPS.

Tonight for example has a suspect completely naked dancing on the hood of a car, propositioning the driver for sex, all while high on meth…  The interesting part…  The officer called her BY NAME!!!  Here is a hint…  If you are high on meth, dancing naked on the hood of a car at 3am and the police officer references you by FIRST NAME before he gets out of the car, you have royally fucked up your life.

Also as I’m sitting here I am having the weirdest headaches.  They only last for 3-5 seconds and happen about every 5 minutes…  I think its a sinus headache, so I just took some decongestants, but its the weirdest feeling.  Its also extremely annoying while trying to blog.

Work has kept me around my desk during most of the day, which doesn’t afford me much time to move around.  In the past I spent most of my day running around the factory working on systems, and got a decent amount of exercise which allowed my back to stretch out a bit.  Lately my back has been extremely tight, which i contribute to my lack of movement and the stress level.  It does, however, give me yet another thing to blog about – Elizabeth!!!

Elizabeth is the proprietor of “Joyful Living Massage” and might just have the most skilled hands on the planet.  I damaged my back when I was younger from a combination of Martial Arts and, don’t laugh, shoveling snow.  I have gone to a few massage therapists over the years, but I can honestly say that I have never felt as good as I do when I see Elizabeth for a tune-up!  I spoke to her and mentioned that I was going to write about her in my blog.  I’m not going to post her info for the inter-world to see, but if you would like me to put you in touch with her, just email or leave a comment here!

That’s all for tonight my subjects!