The first installment of “Steph’s Angry Ramblings”

Welcome to the first installment of “Steph’s Angry Ramblings”.

Warning for those who don’t know me or Steph.  This segment will likely be FILLED with some type of profanity.  You’ve been warned.

Eventually a few of these might be passworded to protect the innocent.  I’ve talked with Steph about this, and she is in relative agreement that this is going to be a worthwhile venture for the both of us.

For those of you who don’t know me.  I HATE the phone.  Hate it.  I believe that it is a necessary communication tool.  That being said, I rarely answer mine.  I think this happened because of the job.  As soon as annoying vendors realized that they could get a direct line to my CELL, they completely ignored the desk phone.  This became incredibly annoying.  I would often be sitting at home, sometime around 8ish, and I would get a call from “Friendly Printer Co. Number 7” asking if I wanted any help servicing my printers.  Now, unfortunately, this has led to the total lack of caring when a call comes in, with a few notable exceptions.  You know who you are.

This is what started Steph on her tirades, and thus, the “Fake-Angry Voicemail” was born.

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This installment has our hero out on a date.  I believe this is a first date, (way to go Steph).  Steph sometimes feels the need to give me a play-by-play of her life as it happens, real-time.  That is what this message is about.

Sidenote:  These messages are usually much better than this.  Steph…  Kick it up a notch.  Now.

One thought on “The first installment of “Steph’s Angry Ramblings””

  1. Okay, let’s begin with the fact that you had to manually activate my account! Seriously, what sort of high quality equipment are you using to run this pathetic excuse for a blog?!

    See, if you were a better friend, who called me more often, so I had more opportunities to leave “angry” voicemails I wouldn’t be so out of practice.

    Let’s clarify the circumstances here: I needed my good friend to help me chill out so I didn’t end up looking like some crazy over excited lunatic because this guy suggested we go grab drinks instead of saying, “hey thanks talk to you soon.” Did Jake see fit to answer his phone? No, of course not. So I left an “angry” ranting message instead.

    If he had let me go to voicemail a couple hours ago when I called you probably would have been subjected to this second post in as many days due to the level of my rage.

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