Our hero has a dilema!

So I’ve been chatting with Steph all morning, and we made what I affectionately call a “play date”.  That got me thinking… and then getting yelled at by her.  Granted this voicemail was left quite a while ago, it seems like the right one to post.  Talking with Steph today, I realized that it has been all too long since I have posted, and there are people on my facebook (/jacob.sylvia), you know who you are, that want, neigh! DEMAND! Yet another post.

Here I sit, waiting for my blackberry’s OS to update, and I think to myself, self, “How about we let the kind people (person) who read my blog in on another little part of our hero’s life.

Without further adieu:


So it seems that we may have caught our hero at a weak point in her day.  Steph isn’t one to get sloppy often, but this seems to be a time when we have thrown caution to the wind.  One interesting point to note is that she asks for a pep-talk…  Not that she listens anyway!

Hopefully our hero wont get offended if we mention her new interest, with whom each seems to be “smitten” – her words, not mine!  I’m looking for a clever name for our hero’s new sidekick, as his name is Jake… and not me… so that will get confusing.  I think I’m going to call him “Matey”.  I’m also pretty sure that if / when he reads this, I’ll be lowered a notch or two.

To leave you all this fine afternoon, I’m thinking that I might bring our hero on as a guest writer?  Thoughts?

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