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look at this! two posts in one week!

So, I’m loving this blackberry client for WordPress! So far its really letting me use my other “down-time” to blog. I don’t tweet often, mostly because I don’t feel the need to update everyone on my life as it happens in real-time. So now, I can write a blog post throughout the day – say during *marathon meetings*.

I suppose I just need to get passed the personal “need” to post long blog entries. I know one doesn’t *have* to post long entries, but I feel that if there is a little substance to my entries, people are more likely to come and read. After all, I’m not a professional blogger, and I’m not writing to make money. My principle goal when I started this blog many moons ago, was to use it as a way of documenting the changes I made at work to our systems. A place to document little *gotchas*, so that others (or myself) could use them to implement systems of their own. I have an extremely low budget at work, and because of this, I am forced to look to the open source world to do my job effectively. The open source world has much to offer, and if you’re willing to give it some work, and patience, it can have a huge payoff in the end. More often than not though I find that I need to do the same process over and over, and because I am the only one doing it, I am often recalling the steps from memory.

Another purpose for this blog is to let you in on the moments of sunshine that my often off-the-wall friends shine into my life. We’ve all had some great times together, and it looks like they show no sign of slowing down. Over time I will post more personal experiences. Right now for example I’m waiting on another voicemail from angry-steph. We’ll see how that goes!


Testing posting from my Blackberry

So, I’m looking through the blogs I follow, and what do I see, but a page about a blackberry client for wordpress! This is the main reason why I haven’t been blogging so much. Right now, work is extremely busy, and I don’t have much time, or care, to *play* on the computer when I get home. I usually just want to unwind and relax.

But those of you who know me, know that I *always* have my blackberry on me. I’ve been searching for a blackberry client for WordPress since I’ve had a blackberry, and there are options. There aren’t many clients, and to be honest they all pretty much suck.

Tonight, while searching the blogs, I came across the piece of software that I’m using right now to write this post. It seems perfect. Its lightweight and responsive, yet supports just about anything I’d like to post. For anyone interested, the website to get the program is: WordPress App for the Blackberry

I’ll keep you… Posted…

Our hero has a dilema!

So I’ve been chatting with Steph all morning, and we made what I affectionately call a “play date”.  That got me thinking… and then getting yelled at by her.  Granted this voicemail was left quite a while ago, it seems like the right one to post.  Talking with Steph today, I realized that it has been all too long since I have posted, and there are people on my facebook (/jacob.sylvia), you know who you are, that want, neigh! DEMAND! Yet another post.

Here I sit, waiting for my blackberry’s OS to update, and I think to myself, self, “How about we let the kind people (person) who read my blog in on another little part of our hero’s life.

Without further adieu:


So it seems that we may have caught our hero at a weak point in her day.  Steph isn’t one to get sloppy often, but this seems to be a time when we have thrown caution to the wind.  One interesting point to note is that she asks for a pep-talk…  Not that she listens anyway!

Hopefully our hero wont get offended if we mention her new interest, with whom each seems to be “smitten” – her words, not mine!  I’m looking for a clever name for our hero’s new sidekick, as his name is Jake… and not me… so that will get confusing.  I think I’m going to call him “Matey”.  I’m also pretty sure that if / when he reads this, I’ll be lowered a notch or two.

To leave you all this fine afternoon, I’m thinking that I might bring our hero on as a guest writer?  Thoughts?

The first installment of “Steph’s Angry Ramblings”

Welcome to the first installment of “Steph’s Angry Ramblings”.

Warning for those who don’t know me or Steph.  This segment will likely be FILLED with some type of profanity.  You’ve been warned.

Eventually a few of these might be passworded to protect the innocent.  I’ve talked with Steph about this, and she is in relative agreement that this is going to be a worthwhile venture for the both of us.

For those of you who don’t know me.  I HATE the phone.  Hate it.  I believe that it is a necessary communication tool.  That being said, I rarely answer mine.  I think this happened because of the job.  As soon as annoying vendors realized that they could get a direct line to my CELL, they completely ignored the desk phone.  This became incredibly annoying.  I would often be sitting at home, sometime around 8ish, and I would get a call from “Friendly Printer Co. Number 7” asking if I wanted any help servicing my printers.  Now, unfortunately, this has led to the total lack of caring when a call comes in, with a few notable exceptions.  You know who you are.

This is what started Steph on her tirades, and thus, the “Fake-Angry Voicemail” was born.


This installment has our hero out on a date.  I believe this is a first date, (way to go Steph).  Steph sometimes feels the need to give me a play-by-play of her life as it happens, real-time.  That is what this message is about.

Sidenote:  These messages are usually much better than this.  Steph…  Kick it up a notch.  Now.

Let the new life begin…

Sooooo many changes to talk about since my last post. I dont even know where to begin.

Lets start off with the job. For the last 2 years, (July 24th 2006), I’ve been working for a plastics manufacturing company. I’m responsible for all of their communication systems. I love it there, most of the time. This blog will certainly be a place to discuss the happenings of this place and the “users” that i run into on a daily basis.

I suppose this blog is going to be a mish-mash of everything from stories from work, to stories about life, to techy-ness.

I’ve decided that I’m also going to attempt to feature some regular segments.  The first of which I’d like to title, “Steph’s Angry Ramblings”.  There is a friend of mine who leaves me “angry” voicemails.  More on that subject later, when I make the first post on the subject.

For now, I’ll bid my adeu.  More to come.  Much.